Top 5 Albums of the Year 

These are the albums I have pretty much had on loop all year. I would love to hear what your top albums, songs, or other audios were and why!


5) The Wilderness – Explosions in the Sky 


They might be my favorite band of all time. There’s something to be said for music with no vocals that can still evoke such strong emotion. “Your Hand in Mine” will forever be my happy place. This new album has been a long time coming and did not disappoint. Between the drums, the guitars, and the piano, every song just flows into the next one – all you could hope for in an album.

Album’s Best: Disintegration Anxiety 


4) Cloud 9 – Kygo


Dearest Bae,

It feels like we’ve been through thick and thin together. From getting in our first fight outside your Vegas show in 2014, to seeing you kill it at Bumbershoot this year, it’s been an honor to be by your side through it all….

But in all seriousness, this is an amazing EDM album, which is hard to pull off. What he lacks in stage presence (seriously a dull performer), he makes up for in collaboration and rhythm. He trops it like it’s hot.

P.S. Seriously Kygo I love you, but get some performers or something because the fist pumping doesn’t do it. Also, I am ready to get married whenever you want.

Album’s Best: Raging


3) Stoney – Post Malone


This album just came out in December, and I am totally completely and irreversibly obsessed. When I think of good rap, I think of this album. That might mean I have terrible taste in rap, but in that case, I’m all for it. It’s music I can drive, study, run, think, and do anything to – it’s cadence and depth is perfect. Calling it now – Post Malone is the next Drake. Bold statement, but I’ll stand by it. Oh, and did I mention he’s only 21?

Album’s Best: Leave 


2) The Bedroom Tour Playlist – Niykee Heaton


This girl came out of nowhere and she is on fire. I saw her show in November and only fell more in love with her.

I wrote about her in an earlier Hit Replay post so I won’t go too far into depth. What I will say is that she is the full package, and I’m stoked to see what she does next.

Album’s Best: I’m Ready


1) This is Acting – Sia


First of all, I am super sad/bitter that I did not stream her enough to win a Sianta hat from Spotify. Second of all, I saw her perform at Key Arena in September, and while that venue sucks, she absolutely killed it. And yes, she brought Maddie. DOUBLE WIN.

Her journey through stardom is really fascinating – she has done a lot of self-recovery and discovery. The wig is largely to conceal her identity and keep her sane. Mad respect; do you Sia.

When she performed, she barely moved, which was absolutely fine, because her voice could move mountains. Not to mention Maddy danced her heart out and was enthralling.

She not only sings beautifully, she writes even better. Fun fact: did you know Diamonds by Rihanna was written by Sia? And let’s not forget to mention, Breathe Me is a saving grace of a song – pretty much got me through high school.

Sia’s latest album adds to her incredible portfolio of music What makes this album take the cake is its vulnerability: Sia openly shares that her album is a compilation of songs she wrote for other major artists who ultimately rejected them. She’s been around and I imagine she will stay around. If This is Acting, I can’t wait to see what living is like for Sia.

Album’s Best: Bird Set Free


Honorable Mentions:

Lemonade – Beyoncé

Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin’ – Kid Cudi

Blonde – Frank Ocean

Not to Disappear – Daughter

Views – Drake