I figured I would write about my most played song of 2016, according to Spotify. I can’t say I’m surprised – I have pretty much had it on a loop since the spring. I believe it came up on my “Discover Weekly” playlist once upon a time, and the rest is history. The beat is entrancing and the lyrics are hypnotic. It hits every facet of my emotions – it always sums up how I feel, no matter how I feel.

Pray by The Erised

I am not a religious person, nor spiritual. Honestly, I cannot stand when people say they are spiritual. To me, it sounds like a cop out for explaining what you truly believe in, and it sounds dumb. Again, this is just my opinion, and I’m sure there’s a case to be made for what it means to be spiritual. I bring this up because the title of the song is “Pray”, and I do not pray.

I believe in karma and intuition. When my heart and mind agree on matters of the soul, that is when I feel serene and connected. The lyrics encompass a lot of my sentiments, especially these:

“And if you ever feel this way, if you ever fail….I’m never gonna turn away.”

I’ve asked for a lot of grace in my life and in return I do my best to extend it. I hope the people in my life both past and present always know that if they really needed me, I would be there for them.

I can always listen to this song when I need to be recentered. As 2016 draws to a close, I think this song accurately reflects the empathy and love with which I have sought to surround myself.