G-Eazy, also commonly known as “my boyfriend,” is one of my favorite rappers – hands down. Not to be that girl that says she’s followed him since day one but…..I was there for the Tumblr Girls days. We can all reminisce about it at our wedding.

I’ve always loved his music, but this song authenticated my respect for him as an artist and a person.

Everything Will Be OK by G-Eazy 

I was mindlessly listening to it at first and when I tuned in 3/4 of the way through, I remember thinking, “This isn’t autobiographical, is it?”

It was. It is.

He is someone who has always fought for what he believes in, and that includes himself.

I appreciate his vulnerability and openness with the world through music. Art helps us make sense of life, and his lyrics are no exception:

“Had to wander, I had to go tread my own path
If you don’t step through no mud well then it won’t last
The years pass it’s crazy how they go fast”

I would try and summarize the song but it would not do his story justice. Take a listen – hear his story. All I can echo is, where words fail, music speaks.