Burn Wild by Rozes

“Don’t wanna say goodbye
Cause I don’t think that I
Have it in my soul
To keep letting go”

For a quicker tempo, check out this remix:

Something about this week’s pick hits me in all the feels. I play this song while I’m doing any and everything: running, reading, writing, you name it. I really love slow & mellow beats, which always surprises people because it seems to contrast with my upbeat energy and personality.

I don’t think of slow music as sad – I view it as reflective, and reflection is a huge part of who I am and how I go about my life. If it weren’t for songs like this, I imagine I would have a hard time making sense of some of my experiences. This song helped me put in perspective the need to let people go from my life who I thought were meant to stay.

I normally do much more thorough research on artists I like, but I will admit I have not yet found the time to do that with Rozes. This is the first slower song I have heard by them, and it has stuck with me more so than their other tunes.

I find myself inspired to set flame to the future and let dust of the past finally settle. There always comes a time to burn wild – to let yourself free.