In President’s Obama speech on Tuesday morning, he referred to the general election as nothing more than an intramural scrimmage, and that before being Democrats and Republicans, we are all Americans, we are all patriots, and we all on the same team fighting for the same cause.

No song describes my sentiments better than this song – shoutout to @thediebster for sharing.

I had planned on taking Wednesday off of work for quite some time, because no matter what the result, I would need to process it all outside of a professional environment.

My mom and I planned a very Hillary-inspired day, starting with lunch a FareStart Cafe, which employs people in transition from incarceration, homelessness, poverty, and various other challenges. We then planned on going to the Chihuly garden – for the glass ceilings of course.

I woke up on Wednesday morning feeling utterly defeated and depleted. Then I had a moment of clarity – I  realized that Hillary’s campaign was not over, because her campaign was about much more than this election. There was still so much to celebrate and even more on which we could act. So I got out of bed, put on my white blazer, my Hillary shirt, my VOTE socks, and I had a wonderful day celebrating the opportunities we now have to participate more actively in democracy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am completely heartbroken. It feels like my highest power has divorced me.

BUT above all, I am inspired.

I am inspired to get even more involved with local, state, and federal politics.

I am inspired to affect change at the highest level I can.

I am inspired to spread compassion and the notion that love will ALWAYS trump hate.

More than anything, I am inspired to stay, which I acknowledge is a privilege that everyone is no longer ensured. For those who feel they can, please, whatever you do…



Do not run away and think that these issues will dissipate. This is still home for many of us, and to run away is to give up, to accept defeat, and to say your voice is useless.

This is not the end of America as we know it – in fact – it is the continuation of America as we make it.

Ask yourself, what can you do today to make a better tomorrow for myself and others? What can you do today to help someone less fortunate? I guarantee these acts of kindness are not inhibited by the government.

Today is a dark day. However, I challenge those of us who are white liberals to realize we are hardly affected by this political flip. Extend kindness to minorities, LGBTQ friends, and the populations whose livelihoods are severely threatened. 


Today is the day our Electoral College failed us. More importantly, today is the day that we, as the American public, choose what that decision means for us as a nation, community, and individuals.

One last thought: to denounce Trump supporters is to support him. Do not enact violent words towards them. Hillary led a campaign fueled by love, empathy, and grace. It is our civic duty at this point to seek to understand each other, because when the pennies come off after the scrimmage, we are all still on the same team – fighting for a common cause.

If I have learned anything from Hillary, it is this: The only way we can fail is when we stop fighting for causes in which we believe.

We are quick to judge and slow to inquire about people’s beliefs. Yes, we are mad. But don’t give Trump or his supporters your time and energy in a hateful way. If you seek to engage, I challenge you to understand their point of view. I would imagine we have more in common than we think.

I know that is a very tall order. So more than anything, give your time and energy to those who need and deserve it most, including yourself.

As far as I’m concerned, our work has just begun, and because of that, I am inspired. #ImWithUs #ItsAMovement