In order to have a more consistent blog schedule, I am starting a weekly installment called “Hit Replay”, where I share a song that I have had on repeat. My poor housemates and car passengers can attest – when I like a song, I play it 25/7. And yes, I mean 25. I figure I may as well share how I come upon these songs and why they stick with me.

First on the list is a song I have been enamored by since July:

 Winterbreak by MUNA 

I was introduced to this song by one of my close friends/coworkers. We were sitting around waiting for a meeting to start when she states, “OH! I forgot that my best friend’s band released a new music video today. Wanna watch it?” The music video they had released was for a different song called Loudspeaker , centered around abuse and resilience. This music video got me hooked and I quickly began binge listening to their EP. It was not long before I found the track, “Winterbreak,” which pulled on my heartstrings.

Below are the parts of the song that resonated with me the most:

“Oh it’s magnetic, isn’t it?
The sense of something underneath the surface
When you’re laying on thin ice
Just a little bit masochistic
A tentative ellipses”

I had the privilege of seeing them last month at The Crocodile when they were opening for Grouplove, and their performance was nothing short of enchanting.

Good news: They are headlining their own tour and will be back here in February!

In the meantime: They will be on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tomorrow night, and have an album coming out in February. Stay clued in by liking their Facebook page!