Spoiler alert: it’s the same problem with choosing team Jen or team Angelina.

In the wake of another Brad Pitt divorce, the revival of the Team Jen or Team Angelina shirts has begun. Everyone seems to take a side. But why?? Where is the Team Jen AND Angelina because EFF BRAD. I want THAT shirt. Why are we making victims the villains? Specifically, why are putting down women for the faults of their partner?

Brad left Jen for Angelina. Angelina was not the one who was married. Still, people dismissed Brad’s actions because he obviously was doing what guys do. The press went right for Angelina and her temptress role in this scandal. Again….WHY? I know she is not entirely innocent and it takes two to tango – I get that. My point is that she was not who we should have waged war against – not then, and not now.

To really take a step back, these are celebrities who none of us truly know or understand. So allow me to connect this argument back to something more universal – the term “basic.” If you have a pulse, you have likely heard and used this term to describe the actions of, for lack of a better description, a typical white girl.

But here’s the thing: When you call a woman basic, you are belittling her interests. Not to mention the unspoken word that follows basic is “bitch,” which is a whole other issue in itself.

Don’t get me wrong, I am quite guilty of abusing this term as well. It was not until one of my fabulous Corps Members, Shan, called me out on it that I saw the real issue it provoked. Our discussion brought to light the undertones of misogyny that “basic” perpetuates.

I found the most common person I was labeling as basic was, in fact, myself. If I wanted to go spray tanning, I would leave the house with “I’ll be back in 30 – gonna go be basic.” Why was I ridiculing something that was a form of self-care for me? And some of you reading this, I imagine ,still think “But I mean, that iiiiiis basic…”

For arguments sake, let’s say sure – it is. 100% basic.

SO WHAT? If a guy leaves the house to go lift, he isn’t ridiculed. Male leisure activities are idolized, while female leisure activities are labeled superfluous and dumb. No one should be put down someone, or themselves, for their interests (unless it starts with “T” and end with “rump”).

Moral of the story is – let people be – while their activities don’t need your approval, they are impacted by your words. 

Basic should be followed by phrases like “structure of a virus,” and never “bitch.”