“Everyone you meet is a messenger.”


I love this quote and have found it to be very true in my life, so I’m gonna roll with it for a few messengers that I hold near and dear to my heart – my super rad roommates, my girl gang, the queens of the Castle (we pretend our duplex is a castle…roll with it). I’ve never met anyone like them, and I am so fortunate they have helped me shape who I am these past two years.

Courtney delivered the message of compassion. She just gets me, and she has this crazy way of pretty much getting everyone. She sees the best in everyone not because it’s easy, but because it’s the right thing to do. She has a grace about her that is rare and incredibly introspective. I have learned from her about the value of perspective and benefit of the doubt.

I am eternally grateful for her.

Nicki delivered the message of grace. Nicki is quiet, contemplative, and incredibly thoughtful. She is one of the best listeners I have ever met with the most incredible insight. She is always empathetic and seeks to understand, which is so rare in our generation. And as you get to know her, you see this insanely goofy, extroverted, and hilarious side of her that forms one of the coolest people I’ve ever known.

I am eternally grateful for her.

Rose delivered the message of fortitude. Rose and I are similar from the outside looking in – both ENFJs, both assertive, organized and determined. However, our differences are why I value her so much. She exemplifies a level of strength and resilience that I have never encountered. If you ever wonder about the meaning of life – Rose is who you should ask about it. She gets life in every way – why it matters, how you should live, and what cottage cheese to buy (my answer is still: none). She sees the beauty in not only simplicity but also in the battles. Life is a huge effing battle – and there is a purpose to it. Rose is basically the most badass, boss-ass, cool-ass person I know.

I am eternally grateful for her.

I DO know what I’m going to do without you all next year – and it’s plan an annoying amount of reunions in various corners of the world. Get ready for countless meetings makers and vehement FACETime calls. I love you three with my entire tequila-filled heart 🙂