And let it be beautiful.

I read an article a while back(I can’t find the link anymore unfortunately)that equated letting go to sequins on a dress–when sequins fall off of our dress, we try to put them back or replace them, instead of embracing how our dress is changing. This analogy really opened my eyes to the simplicity in change and growth, so I thought I would share:

“For some reason, we carry a thick infatuation with the parts of us that slip away. But we rarely ever take them for what they really are— parts of us that were meant to fall off anyway. Parts of us that were meant to go. They were beautiful. And they could have very well stayed. But they served a purpose when they fell off. And someone would be better for their absence one day. 
It’s hard though. It’s hard to accept the act of letting go. Instead we try to stitch them back to the costume. We try to convince ourselves that we were never meant to lose “this part” of ourselves or “that part.” So starts the lie we believe with our whole heart: if something breaks away from us, we are supposed to chase after it and fasten it back to us. No, no. “Haven’t you heard of a thing called letting go? “