Preface to this post: This is my first post….so bear with me. I used to just post really long and annoying statuses on Facebook that would receive comments from my dad like “Well said, sweetie!”, in which all my street cred was lost. So I have  taken myself to the semi-anonymous world of blogging, with the sole purpose of connecting with others. I love writing. I love reading. I love learning (am I a Pinterest board yet?). So here I am, hear me roar.

What is said:
“You’re not like other girls.”
What is meant:
“You’re not crazy. In fact, you’re pretty cool.”
What is conveyed:
“Most girls are crazy, emotional, and dependent. You’re not like them.”

It’s an innocent compliment but it HAS to stop being said. It’s a negative commentary on all women. To say that implies that most women are not tolerable, enjoyable, nor independent. It also is almost always stated by men, which implies that women need a man’s approval to be accepted.

If you’re a girl and someone says that to you, I challenge you to ask them what they really mean. Don’t dismiss it. It’s a compliment TO BE like most girls – because most girls are awesome.

If you’re a guy and you say this, I challenge you to think about how you are perpetuating the problem instead of aiding the solution by changing your dialogue.

Basically what I’m trying to say is: a woman’s amiability is NOT an anomaly. It’s an innate quality that all humans, regardless of gender, possess.


I know there are strong counterarguments for this point, and I would genuinely love to hear them.