Treat Everyday like Christmas....

…and every week like Shark Week, and every year like it's your birth year (spoiler alert, it is).

Hey What’s Up Hello

I titled my blog “Treat Everyday like Christmas” because that is truly how I aspire to live my life. Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE Christmas (here is my post about it) – not for the vapidness nor consumerism, but for the spirit, compassion, and resilience I always witness and experience. I hope that in reading my blog, you find connections that help you treat everyday like Christmas.

Back in October 2016, I began making monthly memory reel videos to commemorate my favorite moments that I have shared with friends and family.  This has been such a fun way to put my life in perspective and make me appreciate even the smallest of joys.

ALSO: music is truly my life’s greatest passion (that may be an understatement). To know what I listen to, check out my Spotify and SoundCloud. I am always in search of new music, so feel free pass along whatever is stuck in your head!!

Cheers to growing and going forward, friends.


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